CalCrush Recycling

The circle of recycling starts with a raw pile of materials. We crush and recycle an array of raw product ranging from concrete, asphalt, brick, block, and tile. CalCrush operates portable crushing plants throughout California and northern Nevada.

Our portable recycling plants are designed to quickly mobilize, allowing us the flexibility to deploy our plants to virtually any location. As soon as our plants are accurately positioned, our crew deploys our equipment, and quickly commences with the crushing process.

The portability of our operation is designed to save our customers the costly fees associated with hauling raw materials. Allow us to cater to your crushing needs and watch us quickly turn your on-site material into usable and marketable finished products.

Concrete Recycling

CalCrush recycles concrete from roads, bridges, buildings, and other concrete demolition projects that is either onsite or stockpiled at another location. We resize and crush the material into usable aggregates.

Asphalt Recycling

Excavated asphalt is recycled at its designated location, producing a recycled asphalt or "RAP" sub base construction product. Other asphalt recycling comes from millings and asphalt waste... all can be recycled into spec material for reuse in high quality asphalt mixes.

Rock Crushing

CalCrush portable rock crushing plants can be setup at your project anywhere in California or northern Nevada, and in fact virtually anywhere in the United States. These onsite operations can produce various sizes of aggregate for use at the project itself or in preparation of being hauled for other uses.

Quarry Support

CalCrush can act as a supplemental support service saving our customers from the major capital investment, and allowing them the extra time needed to expand their operation in temporary or extended demand periods.

Screen Specialists

CalCrush portable crushing and screening
plants will save you time and increase the profitability of crushing and recycling rock, concrete, stone, asphalt, slag, and coal.

At CalCrush, our mission is to always deliver on time, within budget, and a be a pleasure to deal with.
Our customers experience our professionalism and expertise, as well as our commitment to
safety and our environment with every new project that we take on.

California recycled concrete, cone crusher, jaw crusher, cinder block, class 2 road base, concrete and asphalt recycling are some of the tools used
and materials made by CalCrush in Modoc, Mono, Monterey, Napa, Orange, Placer, Plumas, and Riverside, California and northern Nevada.

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